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Today, January 5, Drupal version 7.0 was released (download Drupal here). Drupal 7 release parties will be held worldwide on January 7 (which also happens to be my birthday - yay!).

Congratulations to the team of almost 1,000 developers who helped make Drupal 7 a reality, and congratulations to Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, and webchick, the person who shepherded (and continues herding) the community as the Drupal 7 core maintainer!

This website is still running on Drupal 6, but I'm slowly beginning the process of redesigning and upgrading the rest of my sites (notably, so far, Midwestern Mac, LLC) to Drupal 7. The Archdiocesan website and St. Louis Review will take a bit longer, since there's a lot of custom code that needs to be refactored.

If you run a website, have you checked out Drupal before? It's a lot more extensible (in my experience) than Joomla or Wordpress, the two other top contenders. If it's good enough for large sites like the White House and, it's good enough for you ;-) ranked in top .25% of all websites!

Due almost exclusively to the Articles section of this website, it seems that (this website) ranks at number 422,290 of approximately 180,000,000 websites on the Internet (according to Alexa).

Alexa Internet Traffic Ranking for

The most popular content on the site, by a very large margin, are the following articles:

These articles alone count for about 70% of daily traffic, almost exclusively through search results. Since migrating this website from a custom HTML website (everything was posted through Dreamweaver and Thingamablog) to Drupal, with much better theme organization, my traffic has increased about 20%.

This post was prompted by some research for one of the other large websites I maintain, - which is ranked a little over 800,000. I looked up on the NMAP Favicon graph, and found it (a tiny, but visible, icon :)

Lifeisaprayer favicon on nmaps

How Secure is Your Password?

My highest-level password (I have about 8 levels of passwords, memorized, then a couple levels that are even higher than the password below, but which I haven't memorized, so I can't use them that often):

How secure is your password?

Visit How Secure is My Password?

Just Upgraded Catholic News Live

I just finished a few upgrades on - check it out! If you have a blog or website, you can now embed a Catholic News Live 'latest news' widget on your blog by clicking on the 'Embed' button at the bottom right of any listing page.

Updated Front Page Images...

After a few months without seeing an update, I finally took the time to process a few more photos for the front page of - you can visit the front page and take a look for yourself. You can always click on one of the images to see them all for yourself, in a timeline of sorts.

Archdiocese of Saint Louis Redesigns Website

Archdiocese of Saint Louis' Upgraded Website

The Archdiocese of Saint Louis today upgraded its entire website to a new design and a new platform, allowing offices and agencies to more quickly and more easily communicate with the faithful in the Archdiocese (and around the world!).

I've been working on this project (with a lot of help from Palantir, a web development company in Chicago) and some local developers for the past year, and I am pleased with the result (I hope you are, too!). I've written up more information about the technical aspects of the site on Open Source Catholic (read more about the Archdiocese of Saint Louis' Upgraded Website), and I will continue writing some posts about specific details on the Open Source Catholic website.

Some of the highlights of the redesign:

  • The new Archdiocesan-wide Calendar of Events
  • The revamped Prayer Request system
  • The accessible and standards-compliant design (tested in all major browsers)
  • A new Parish, School, and Organization directory.
  • Every organization now has a more unified interface, and the adminstrative backend is greatly improved

Go ahead and visit the upgraded website: Archdiocese of Saint Louis


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