Where did THAT come from?

Where did THAT come from?

A quick snapshot from a family party today. It was a spur-of-the-moment picture, but I liked it. Made me chuckle when I saw it in the viewfinder... I think the beer in-hand makes the image.

Volleyball/Webmaster Status Codes

Some of the crazy thoughts that go through my head... yesterday I was watching some of the other teams play at De Smet (where I'll be coaching the freshmen volleyball team this year), and I thought of a relevant comparison between HTTP/1.1 status codes and volleyball plays.

  • 101 Switching Protocols - A play's not working? Move a couple guys around.
  • 200 OK - Good job. We got the point.
  • 300 Multiple Choices - The setter always has a few...
  • 304 Not Modified - When a hitter misses the ball.
  • 305 Use Proxy - When the setter is out of the play.
  • 307 Temporary Redirect - A tip over the net.
  • 400 Bad Request - Setter/hitter confusion.
  • 401 Unauthorized - The libero tries hitting the ball above the plane of the net.
  • 403 Forbidden - A blocker stuffs his opponent.
  • 404 Not Found - When the ball hits the floor and nobody moves to pass it.
  • 405 Method Not Allowed - A lift.
  • 406 Not Acceptable - A missed serve.
  • 408 Request Timeout - Self-explanatory.
  • 409 Conflict - These require the referee's intervention.
  • 417 Expectation Failed - When the players don't live up to the coach's expectations.
  • 500 Server Error - See "406 Not Acceptable"
  • 502 Bad Gateway - A poor set.
  • 503 Service Unavailable - Anytime a middle hitter is serving.

More status codes: HTTP/1.1 Status Code Definitions

This is Why SEO is Important, I Guess...

After reading this comment thread about Facebook logins on ReadWriteWeb, I feel sad to call myself a Facebook user. The sheer number of clueless users who actually thought ReadWriteWeb was Facebook is a sad fact. The fact that they login to facebook by going to Google and typing in "Facebook Login" is also sad. Could they not simply type in I guess the idea of a URL is too outlandish for people.

ReadWriteWeb Facebook Comments

What about a bookmark? My grandma, who only does a few things on the web, knows how to make a bookmark and go back to it. A lot of the Facebook users who posted comments looked quite a bit younger than my grandma, and, apparently, they cannot figure out things she could do in her sleep!

The takeaway? SEO counts. If someone types in "Best Hardware Store in St. Louis," it seems likely they'll believe whatever Google gives as the first result. It's pretty easy to target these kinds of searches... and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

P.S. Farmville. Ugh!

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody (YouTube Video)

Extremely funny, and includes pretty much every muppet character ever invented! Heck, even the Mahna Mahna muppets are present! Favorited, and five-starred.


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