Catholic Memes

I meant to post this sooner, just never had time to get around to it... there's a new Catholic Meme site around, aptly named Catholic Memes. An example of what you'll find browsing the site:

Wonka Meme - Catholic Meme - Church teaching

There's tons more where that came from. The site is a bit like an expanded LOLSaints; whereas centers around the lives of the saints, and incorporates little snippets of info about each saint pictured, Catholic Memes puts the message in the meme. Some may call that a bit more shallow, but I think they're funny nonetheless—with a healthy dose of sarcasm!

I'm not sure who runs Catholic Memes, but it looks like their first post was on August 10, 2012, which is not too long ago.

Bullfrog best at eating virtual ants, cameramen

A short while ago, the world was introduced to the ant-catching bearded dragon... and it was pretty entertaining.

But today, a new creature (this time more amphibian than reptilian) has conquered the art of phone gaming, with a better ending:

Ninja Nuns!

A very generous tip 'o the hat to The Crescat:

Also, @ppadley found another great example of these ninja nuns in action:

Vainglory: Best Catholic Blog to read on the Toilet

Dustin Faber, formerly known as the 16-bit Catholic who posted awesome articles about gaming from the perspective of a Catholic about-to-be-married on, and now posts awesome articles about marriage (and maybe how it's like gaming, except way harder?) with his wife on The Catholic Lovebirds (wow, is this sentance long, or what?), has honored Life is a Prayer with the esteemed title of Best Catholic Blog to read on the Toilet.

I have to say that I'm truly flattered—I am no stranger to the throne, as I spend many hours there, pondering the fundamentals of life. Or watching Star Trek. Since I have Crohn's, there's always an opportunity for spiritual growth or sci-fi entertainment on the ol' iPad (I'm currently progressing through TNG season 3).

To see that someone else honors Life is a Prayer enough to spend some of his most focused time reading it is truly edifying.

But enough about me—check out Dustin's new blog, in which he and his wife Allicia chronicle their way through the Sacrament of Matrimony. Natalie and I still haven't fulfilled our promise to share more of our marital progress on this blog and over at, but it looks like we don't need to, if the Faber's keep up their site :-).

Dreaming in Drupal

How do you know you've been thinking about work too much? When your wife relates a conversation she had with you in the morning, and you don't remember a word, but can definitely see how what you said relates to what you're working on:

Saith my wife: "Jeff, how do you set your alarm?"

My (groggy) reply: "Hit field, the arrow, then default."

Now, this could possibly have something to do with alarm clocks. There are often arrows on them, and you hit buttons... but I know better. I was referring to:

$this->addFieldMapping('field', 'source')->defaultValue(0);

...which I have probably typed about 100 times in the past week, and maybe 20 or so last night during a late-night debugging session with the Migration process of flockNote v2 to v3 (from a proprietary WAMP-based system to a new Drupal 7 LAMP-based system).

It's sad, I know, but I hope you'll like what myself, Matt, Barrett, and the rest of the flockNote team have come up with over the past few months. It's been a marathon, but expect some great news about flockNote very soon!

Warriors of the Net - IP for Peace [Funny Networking Video]

Click here to begin your journey into "the net:"

Some quotables:

  • "Mister IP packages, labels, and sends packages of information [to your computer]."
  • "AppleTalk packets—they're going against traffic, as usual."
  • "Ah, the router—a symbol of control in a seemingly unorganized world."
  • "The router switch plays fast and loose with IP packets—a digital pinball wizard, if you will."
  • "Out here [on the Internet], it's the wild west [...] you never know when you'll meet the dreaded ping of death."
  • "The firewall can be a bastion of security, or a dreaded adversary."
  • "Pleased with their efforts, and trusting in a better world, our trusty data packets ride off blissfully into the sunset of another day, knowing fully, they have served their masters well. Now isn't that a happy ending?"


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