Does it Surprise Anybody?

Does it surprise anybody that the only woman interviewed in Fox 2 KTVI's video about the Hooters/Catholic Charities fundraising event objected to the event?

What, might I ask, do women think about the fact that the exploitation of the female body is the primary money-maker for Hooters?


[Updated] No Reason for Catholic Charities to Support Hooters

[Update: I just heard from a Catholic Charities employee that the CC president, Brian O'Malley, has cancelled the event. Great news! Hopefully this is the last time that crops up...].

I recently received an email from a friend (actually, I received a few emails, from a few different friends) advertising a fundraising dinner for St. Patrick Center (a Catholic Charities affiliated organization that does a lot of great things for the homeless and jobless in St. Louis).

The email advertises a dinner at Hooters, which will help raise funds for St. Patrick Center:

Dine & Donate - Hooters in Kiener Plaza will donate a percentage of food sales to St. Patrick Center from any guest participating in the LAST Dine & Donate event!

Screenshot of the email (which can be read online here):

Hooters email from St. Patrick Center

I really don't think it's necessary that Catholic organizations patronize this dining establishment, no matter what the cause. I need not discuss why Hooters is not an organization in line with Catholic moral teachings on human sexuality—at least, I hope I don't need to...

I wonder how the decision could've been made to send out an email to hundreds (thousands?) of Catholics in St. Louis asking them to come and dine at Hooters for charity. I can understand this coming from a more secular organization, but not from Catholic Charities.

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