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The Exodus App – Pulled from App Store for being "Gay Cure"

While reading through a relatively decent overview/article on the current controversy, I found a paragraph that I take some issue with, especially with regard to the question of 'faith vs. science/reason':

Ms. Pynchon makes a critical observation: “These religious beliefs (that sexual conduct outside of a one man-one woman marriage is sinful and can be “cured” by Jesus) are held by fewer and fewer Americans. They have also been repudiated by many liberal American Christian churches (including my own. -JM] They fly in the face of American secular legal principles [read as separation of church and state - JM] and contradict our contemporary scientific understanding. They are matters of faith, not science or reason.” What this author is summarizing is what is becoming the national story — that our individual DNA is our essence, and we treat our essence with respect. It’s similar to our other national stories, for example, that you don’t stone a woman to death for adultery.

Unfortunately, Ms. Pynchon, along with most other academics and voices in culture today, misunderstands the unity of the human person, and of a supernatural view of our universe.

For a Catholic, like myself, human sexuality—including the psychology, physiology, and even the ideas informed by my faith—is a matter entirely wrapped up in rational (scientific) understanding, and then improved and refined by my faith.

Catholics, at least (I can't speak for other religious affiliations), are encouraged to pursue reason, to study the sciences, to examine DNA, the genome, etc... but inside a well-formed philosophical mindset. One that has a comprehensive worldview centered around the dignity of the human person, as created by a loving and relational God.

Many people, who have the same idea of religiosity that Ms. Pynchon has, would dismiss me as a religious zealot who dismisses science and rationality.

But I do not. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are genetic dispositions towards different kinds of sexual behaviors and patterns—just as there are genetic dispositions towards such things as alcoholism, racism, elitism, etc. A genetic predisposition towards homosexuality does not make homosexuality a 'good' or a 'right,' or even 'okay' for some people. Just as with every other human behavior, a wider worldview must be used to judge the righteousness of a human action or behavior—including acting on homosexual tendencies.

All I'm asking, really, is for writers like Ms. Pynchon, John Martellaro, et all to at least lend an ear to my arguments, as I do them. Don't ignore my voice because I'm Catholic. That would be just as offensive and infantile as my ignoring them for being scientists.

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